ScoutIt offers you a personalized solution for your used batteries:


A platform to track your company's battery supply. Know exactly where your battery supply is, what SOH it has, and how it's maintained.


Batteries are hazardous materials. Transportation is expensive. We help you finding the closest buyer, to minimize costs and maximise margins. 


Regulations impose the correct disposal of used batteries. Based on batteries' health, they can be recycled, repurpoused or reused. Maximizing value throughout the whole life cycle.

Why companies rely on ScoutIt for all their battery second-life needs ?

Benefit from an all-in-one solution: our solutions are designed to individual needs and based on geography, volumes and specific requirements. Because there are no identical battery products, nor manufacturers

Profit-from-waste: why pay to dispose materials that are still a resource? We find solutions that minimize costs or even allow companies to make profit. Profit up to 2000$ for each re-used battery

IP Protection: we understand that some technology might have some proprietary value, that's why we provide clear information about the battery second-life destination and plan together every step.

Comply with regulations: both in USA and in Europe, new regulations mandate the tracking of batteries in their second life, and impose recycle rates and certifications. ScoutIt makes sure you comply with local requirements

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