Davide Giacobbe

Co-founder and CEO

Mechanical Engineer with +10 years of experience in the automotive industry as a R&D Team Leader for companies like Yamaha Motor and Automobili Lamborghini, managing projects from concept development to series production. Automotive industry expert, capable of addressing the most critical issues for vehicle makers in the most efficient way.

Niccolò Ferrari

Co-founder and CTO

Mechatronics and Racing car engineer, with experience in AI applied in the automotive R&D. Multiple years spent in testing departmentsinFerrari and Ducati as a Machine learning and vehicle testing engineer. Expertise on hybrid and electric vehicles. Team and stress management skills proven in high impact working environments.

Edoardo Mustarelli

Business Analyst Intern

Graduate student @MSEI-USFCA, Master in International Business and Economics

Riccardo De Simone

Business Analyst Intern

USF International Business Student with a minor in Economics | SOM Honors Usfca

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We want to make battery life-cycle economically sustainable. The only way to do this is by tracking supply, minimizing logistics, by creating geographically-tight partnerships, deals and second-life projects.


Our aim is to develop a decentralized exhausted battery collection

system. We will deploy modular battery containers throughout the Continent, ensuring minimal distance between available supply and potential reusers. This will allow higher margins for all the stakeholders involved in battery end-of-life: Vehicle Makers, Repurposers and Utility companies.

Most importantly, we will enable a truly circular-battery-economy.

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