Hassle-free solutions for EV batteries end-of-life


Solutions to find the most suitable option for EV battery second life, connecting suppliers of exhausted batteries with re-users and recyclers.

We personalize the most convenient and eco-friendly service for each company.

HOW? By partnering with recyclers, repurpousers, diagnostic and logistic companies.


Battery tracking:

A platform to track your company's battery supply. Know exactly where your battery supply is, what SOH it has, and how it's maintained.

Battery storage and shipping:

Batteries are hazardous materials. Transportation is expensive. We help you finding the most convenient logistics partner, to minimize costs.

Battery circular-economy:

Regulations impose the correct disposal of used batteries. Based on batteries' health, they can be reused in new Energy Storage Systems. Maximizing value throughout the whole life cycle.


End-of-life battery owners:

If you're a vehicle maker, or battery manufacturer, we help you dispose of your exhausted batteries in a profitable way, monetizing from waste and gaining carbon credits.

Battery re-use business:

If you struggle to find steady, consistend battery supply to build your products, or if you are struggling to find buyers for your solution. We've got you covered.

Energy storage end-users:

We manage your renewable-energy storage project, finding ideal partners, ensuringomplete integration and reducing costs.


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